6moons.com – Backert Labs Response


We are very grateful to 6moons.com for reviewing the Rhythm 1.1.  We are pleased to have our product recognized for its rhythm and dynamics, qualities that we focused on carefully in our quest to deliver truly live sound.

We would like to respond to a point on page 4, which states:  “I could barely open the Rhythm 1.1’s volume before things got too loud…. I barely made it past 7:00…. For someone with a similar gain/SPL scenario, this preamp would be fatally flawed.”

What led to this observation:  Instead of using our preamp with a power amp, the reviewer had plugged our unit into an integrated amplifier, with its volume turned all the way up.  We do not recommend this.  With the integrated set to maximum volume, it makes sense that he could barely open the Rhythm 1.1’s volume.  We do not believe this was due to a flaw in the Rhythm 1.1.

In the reviewer’s defense, he believed that the integrated did not have an active preamp section.  Turning it up all the way was a good-faith attempt to make it act like a power amp.  We confirmed with the manufacturer of the integrated, Crayon Audio, that its preamp section is fully active.

Later the reviewer reported that he continued to experience excess gain when using a true power amplifier.  Although we have not heard this complaint before, we take all such feedback seriously and have therefore created a reduced-gain version of the Rhythm 1.1 for systems like the reviewer’s.

We again thank 6moons.com for so thoroughly reviewing our product.