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Bob Backert

Bob Backert

Bob Backert has been designing and modifying preamplifiers and amplifiers, particularly tubed equipment, for decades.  His modding business, which has long had a highly favorable following on the Audiogon discussion boards, is RHB Sound Dezign. His designs are highly innovative, with a dedication to thinking outside-the-box in every key area that affects sonics.

Bob designs each of our preamps and builds them with his son, Gary Backert, who has been assembling audio circuits for most of his life.  Andy Tebbe, a pianist, drummer and singer in live bands for over 35 years, provides additional input on voicing / sound quality.  A reformed corporate attorney,  Andy also assists on the business side.

Once Bob designs a circuit, Gary provides the construction techniques to assemble it properly and securely.   Silver solder is standard.  The strictest attention is paid to wiring individual ground returns to prevent ground return feedback.

Backert Labs is pleased to present the Rhythm 1.1, a tube preamp with many “firsts” in the world of audio – and beyond.

We are also happy to introduce our new Rhumba 1.1, which retails for $2,995 and has been called a “sonic clone” of the Rhythm 1.1.

Built entirely in the USA right down to the beautiful chassis which are machined in Pennsylvania, we are proud of the work that has gone into each unit.

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