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Summer Clearance, Last Year’s Models:

  • Rhumba 1.1 tube preamplifier: $2,995  $2250
  • Rhythm 1.1 tube preamplifier: $7,500   $5,995


Spring 2017, New Rhumba Extreme

Our latest preamplifier is wrapped in the sleek chassis of our less expensive Rhumba, but places almost all of the circuitry from our flagship Rhythm preamp inside.

Upgrades from the new Rhumba 1.2 which are found in the Extreme:

  • Our proprietary auto-bias circuit, from the Rhythm. Your preamp is perfectly biased for each tube you insert. Automatically. Continually. Only available at Backert Labs.
  • “Best of the best” output capacitors from Mundorf – their latest.
  • Gold-plated IEC inlet by Furutech.
  • Premium Psvane 12au7 tubes – heaven.
  • Upgraded polypropylene capacitors throughout the power supply and gain stage.
  • Premium Terracones feet, from edenSound.
  • $5,500.

What is the sonic effect of these upgrades?

The Rhumba Extreme takes the big, beautiful sound of the Rhumba 1.2 and adds more midrange resolution. Imaging and microdynamics are also more accurate.

The Rhumba Extreme:

Spring 2017, New Rhumba 1.2

Our best-selling model has been updated with a more massive face plate, our latest power supply and gain stage technology, and all the rest you see below.  $3,400.

Upgrades found in the Rhumba 1.2, over the previous 1.1 model:

  • Enhanced “all GreenForce” power supply – increases access to pure AC from the wall outlet, giving the Rhumba 1.2 even more rhythm and dynamics
  • Improved power supply regulator
  • Premium Jensen transformers
  • More massive front plate
  • Additional chassis damping throughout
  • New Silk II circuit in gain stage and regulator for better dynamics, more sweet and open sound
  • Ceramic tube sockets
  • Phase correct
  • Enhanced gold IEC inlet from Furutech
  • Enhanced circuit board: double the copper
  • Red/blue cover options, $100

See reviewer Terry London’s comments on the 1.2 here: http://backertlabs.com/press-room

The Rhumba 1.2:

Rhumba Wins Writers’ Choice Award from Positive Feedback.com !

Rhumba 1.1 tube preamp

We are excited to announce that our Rhumba won this 2016 award from Positive Feedback.com!  Details:

“Introductory Retail: $2995

The most engaging piece of electronics I heard during the 2016 review period was the Backert Labs Rhumba 1.1 Line Stage. This little tube beauty achieves about 90% of the performance of its costlier brother, the Rhythm 1.1 reviewed in 2015, for less than half the price. Both line stages are standouts for their speed, dynamics, pace, and definition. Designer Bob Backert is brilliant and his preamps sport numerous innovative design features. The Rhumba is the perfect line stage for those who favor small scale music, like jazz, vocalists, small ensembles and so on, but it’s no slouch on the big stuff either. Tonally true without the exaggerated warmth of some other tube line stage designs. The Rhumba has both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs whereas the more expensive Rhythm is single-ended only. [Our new Rhythm 1.2 now has XLR input/output. -Backert Labs] The tubes are accessible through a removable Plexiglas window on the top of the unit for easy tube rolling although I didn’t bother as it sounded so good with the stock tubes. I did discover some improvements by adding a high-end power cord. By all means if you have the chance to audition the Rhumba 1.1 you should do so. I predict you will like what you hear.”

Positive Feedback.com


Incredible reviews:

The Rhythm 1.1 ($7,500), reviewed in Part Time Audiophile – According to reviewer Scot Hull: “Freakin’ awesome!” (click here)

Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp


The Rhumba 1.1 ($2,995):

… reviewed in Home Theater Review – “totally devoid of grain, creating a beautiful density of color with a silky-smooth liquidity… a sonic clone of the wonderful reference Rhythm 1.1…” (click here)

… and reviewed in Positive Feedback – “sounds like real music … immediately drew you in with its sense of aliveness, openness, detail, and smoothness … please try it!” (click here)

Rhumba 1.1 tube preamp


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