Press release for Rhythm 1.1

Backert Labs’ New Rhythm 1.1 Preamplifier Is Radically Modern

With a retro touch inside

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 28, 2014 – Backert Labs (, an audio manufacturer devoted to designing and building stereo preamplifiers, has introduced its new Rhythm 1.1TM linestage preamplifier.

Rhythm 1.1 preamplifier by Backert LabsFinished in a frosted silver exterior, the Rhythm 1.1 appears radically modern, an impression that is confirmed by the technology inside.

Innovations include a new take on the best way to produce live-sounding music, a revolutionary new power supply using the world’s finest capacitors, and a self-biasing circuit never before seen in a preamp.

In addition, it is friendly to the environment in a way no other manufacturer has been able to achieve.

The Rhythm 1.1 is designed and built by hand in the U.S. by veteran amplifier designer and CEO Bob Backert, with his son, Chief Operations Officer Gary Backert.  Featuring point-to-point wiring, it has 5 inputs, two outputs, and a record-out (all stereo RCA connectors).  It has an IEC inlet allowing users to change power cords, and features mute and mono switches, balance control, and remote volume control, with premium volume and balance controls by TKD.  Pricing is set at $7,500.

Live Music at Home: A New Approach

The Rhythm 1.1 is one of the few stereo components ever to focus directly on rhythm.  Mr. Backert noted, “Most audio companies focus first on tonality.  Tone is absolutely critical, but we believe that truly live-sounding music begins with accurate timing and dynamics.  Several of our innovations led to new levels of realism in these areas.”

Say Hello To a New Kind of Power Supply

One innovation that improved rhythm and dynamics is the power supply.  Patented by Mr. Backert, “GreenForce” is the first completely new kind of power supply since switched-mode power supplies were conceived in the 1950s.  It is the first power supply that can use the finest type of capacitor available today.  “These capacitors use a material we can’t name for trademark reasons, but if you know what nonstick cookware uses, then you know what the finest capacitors are made with,” said Andy Tebbe, President of Backert Labs.

“For technical reasons, it is impossible to use these excellent capacitors in a typical power supply.  We’re proud that the Rhythm 1.1 does,” said Mr. Backert.  The power supply utilizes V-CapTM brand capacitors (

“The way this power supply works is equally important,” said Mr. Backert.  “It’s very different, because it pushes power into the amplifying circuit, proactively, instead of passively bleeding out power when the circuit demands it.  That ‘push’ gives GreenForce its accuracy, which leads to better rhythm and dynamics.”

And Goodbye To a Capacitor That Few Will Miss

Further improving rhythm and dynamics, the Rhythm 1.1 is the first active stereo component to eliminate the ubiquitous aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

By doing so, the Rhythm 1.1 avoids a major reliability concern for audio components today.  Said Mr. Backert, “Electrolytic capacitors can rupture, which damages the surrounding circuitry.  Whether or not they rupture, all electrolytic capacitors begin to fail after a number of years.  This gradually impairs sound quality. With the Rhythm 1.1, our customers will never need to ‘re-cap’, and its capacitors will never impair sound quality.”

Eliminating these undesirable capacitors also helps the environment.  “Electrolytic capacitors contain chemical sludge that you definitely wouldn’t want in your garden.  When typical audio equipment is disposed of, these chemicals end up in landfills.  In contrast, the capacitors used in the Rhythm 1.1 contain metal and plastic, which are basically inert,” noted Mr. Tebbe.

A Retro Touch

Although the Rhythm 1.1’s approach is thoroughly modern, its amplifying device is familiar to stereo buffs:  the electron vacuum tube.  “We have worked with transistors and tubes.  So far, we’ve been able to create the most accurate, natural and dynamic sound with tubes,” said Mr. Backert.  “However, the way we use them is a bit unusual.”

Innovations in the tube circuit include active self-bias, never before seen in a home stereo preamplifier.  The result is that each brand of tube used will sound its very best.   Two 12au7 tubes are utilized, accessible by a convenient one-touch door in the top panel.

The Rhythm 1.1 preamplifier from Backert Labs is available in silver or black.  More information can be found online at

“V-Cap” is a trademark of VH Audio, Inc. (

CONTACT: Andy Tebbe, Backert Labs, (302) 723-7549 –