The Rhythm 1.1 preamplifier, from Backert Labs

Line stage tubed preamp, single-ended
5 inputs, 2 outputs, 1 “Rec Out”, all RCA
Balance control, mute switch, mono switch, remote volume control
Tube complement:  2 X 12au7, accessible via tube access door on top panel
Phase:   phase inverting

THD+N: 0.032%
Gain:  9dB (we can adjust this to suit your specific system)
Frequence response: 1.5Hz to 320kHz
S/N ratio: 98dB (90dB referenced to a 1V output)
Input impedance: 55,000Ω
Output impedance: 150Ω
Crosstalk: 78dB
Power consumption, idle: 23W
Power consumption, maximum output: 24W
Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 4 inches
Weight:  23 lbs