The Rhythm 1.1 preamplifier

Rhythm 1.1 preamp

“The Rhythm 1.1 is completely quiet, highly resolving, explosively dynamic, and sounds freakin’ amazing. I suppose you could say that I’m a fan.” – Part Time Audiophile

The Rhythm 1.1 is a single-ended line stage preamp that provides a new level of audio enjoyment by employing radically new technology.


Designed, machined and assembled in Pennsylvania, the Rhythm 1.1 utilizes two 12au7 tubes in its gain stage.  In addition to its remote volume control, the Rhythm 1.1 has a balance control, mute switch, mono switch, five sets of RCA inputs and two sets of RCA output jacks in addition to a Record Out.  Its handy tube access door allows tube changes with no tools, just the touch of a finger.  And the pleasing glow of the volume knob’s LED indicator points out where volume is set.

Sound at a Glance

Acquire the Rhythm 1.1 if you want your music to come alive, if you want toe-tapping rhythm like you’ve never heard before – especially from a tubed unit – and if you want your music to have all the clarity, accuracy, and beauty that is present on your source material.

More on sound quality here.

Technology At A Glance

The Rhythm 1.1 uses an amplification circuit (“gain stage”) unlike any other.  The way it amplifies is extremely easy on your tubes, running at a constant current and a remarkably low voltage (150 volts) for the blackest backgrounds possible.

Its internal parts are of the highest quality, including the best capacitors ever built into a power supply (V-Cap capacitors), a first in audio made possible by Bob Backert’s patented GreenForce power supply.   Although every other active preamp in the world uses them, the Rhythm 1.1 uses no aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the power supply or anywhere else.

Very low output impedance (<200 ohms) means that the Rhythm 1.1 combines beautifully with any power amplifier.  The transformer is toroidal.  The IEC connector allows you to experiment with various power cords.  And the premium RCA jacks are so sturdy and widely spaced, the Rhythm 1.1 can handle whatever interconnects you may select.

More on technology here.

To Purchase

Purchase the Rhythm 1.1 here.

Backert Labs

Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp

Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp

GreenForce power supply

Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp

Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp

Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp