Our Preamplifiers


Rhythm 1.1 (the Rhythm 1.2 looks identical from the front)

Rhumba tube preamp

Rhumba 1.1 (the Rhumba 1.2 looks identical from the front)


Rhumba 1.2 tube preamp

Rhumba 1.2 with blue body

Rhumba tube preamp

Rhumba 1.2 preamp in red

The Rhythm 1.1 (above) comes in silver or black, and sells for $7,500   Now $5,995, on clearance.

The newer Rhythm 1.2 sells for $8,995.


The Rhumba 1.1 (at right) comes with silver front plate and black body, and sells for $2,995  Now $2250, on clearance.

The newer Rhumba 1.2 sells for $3,400.

The new Rhumba Extreme sells for $5,500.

ALL RHUMBA MODELS: Black front plates are available at no charge. Red or blue body color is available for $100 more.

If you purchase your preamp from us and for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return your preamp to us within 14 days of receiving it, for a full refund of the purchase price.